Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plants for wet clay: Ligularia japonica

With ornate, curly, finely cut foliage that evokes an old fashioned Arts and Crafts feeling, Ligularia japonica is one of my favorites. The plant above, in its second year, grows well in heavy wet clay; I'd say it's even thriving. I missed the opportunity to get a photo last weekend, when its flowers were in full bloom at about six feet, but you can see a bit of the color here.

I found the next ligularia at an inn in Hudson, New York, at the end of May.

This one is planted in fine, heavily composted soil, and you can see the difference that makes. Its foliage is much deeper green, growing with a great deal of vigor, and forms a thick canopy that hides the stems.

My plants came from Plant Delight's nursery.

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  1. Thanks for these photos and comments on Ligularia japonica, very helpful!

    Mary from Minneapolis



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