Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Copper iris

Copper iris (Iris fulva), a Louisiana iris, growing by the pond in early June. This is its first season and I hope to see it spreading in years to come. A brief spot of color, like most irises, but it adds a unique color to the spring panorama.

Here are two blossoms in shade and sun.


  1. I really like that color - can't get enough of those smoky oranges.

    Les @

  2. Looks like we had the same idea. I might order more, yet.

  3. Les, it's a small bit of color but a unique one at that time of year.

  4. Benjamin, it's apparent we are destined to plant the same plants. I recently saw Wild Quinine at Chanticleer, a great garden outside Philadelphia and was quite taken with it. Do you already have it in your garden?

  5. Yes, I even put a pic up a week or two ago (not a great pic). Its "blooms" are very interesting!

  6. Now that I've looked I remember seeing it on The Deep Middle, but forgot. Then I saw it again at Chanticleer. Now the image is fixed.



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