Friday, March 13, 2009

More banal spring photos

Okay. I can't stop myself.

At one end of the covered bridge, between Rosemont and Seargeantsville, a derelict bank tangled with vines and undergrowth springs to life with thousands of Eranthis hyemalis early each March. I've watched this with delight for the ten years we've lived in this area. This would make a magnificent site for a garden, with its view of the covered bridge and below it the Wickecheoke Creek.

What is surprising this year is the presence of honey bees, a rare sight even in summer.

But these can't hold a candle to Craig's photos at Ellis Hollow.


  1. James, this is a plant that I keep saying I will get but never do! I think it would look lovely under a small willow with some snowdrops which grow there. It is a plant that I often read about but rarely see.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    PS I have a new guest post at

  2. They would make a magnificent addition to any garden. They are sweet.

  3. Hi I'm new here. The photos are anything but banal. A few weeks ago I heard the telltale buzz of the honeybee and was equally surprised to see them enjoying the blossoms on my sarcococa.

    I wonder if someone planted the Eranthus years ago and they've naturalized or if they're indigenous to the area. At any rate, beautiful.

  4. Sylvia,
    I'll check out tulipsinthewoods.

  5. Grace,
    They're planted below a 200-year-old stone house. I imagine they have naturalized over several decades.

  6. I love these plants! Used to have some at a previous garden, and have been meaning to get some more. I like the way they drape over the shapes of the ground

  7. I planted some last fall hoping to get a start in my garden, but I've seen no sign of them yet. Still hoping.

  8. Your photos are fine. I just wish I had a patch like that, instead of the few clumps here and there that I can zoom in on now.



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