Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gardens Illustrated: Beth Chatto and Penelope Hobhouse

Caroline Beck interviews Beth Chatto and Penelope Hobhouse for Gardens Illustrated magazine as part of their Gardening Heroines series. Click on the links to hear the Chatto interview podcast or the Hobhouse podcast, or download them from iTunes.


  1. Ummmm,the Garden Saints...don't you get tired of all this adulatory stuff?

    Who should we cast out into the outer darkness as the Garden Devils?

    XXXXXX Anne

  2. GI's decision to call this series Gardening Heroines is certainly over the top. It's insulting and I think denigrates their accomplishments. It would be fun to cast someone into outer darkness, I agree. I'll have to think on that.

  3. James,
    Terrific blog - lots to read, lots to look at. Off to check out pod-cast....

  4. Barbara,
    I love podcasts. I find I have to listen to them several times to catch everything, especially the British ones ... place names, etc.



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