Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rosemont Valley Winter

Our part of New Jersey has been called a piece of New England along the Delaware. Much of the farmland has been preserved and, up to now, the massive forces of suburban development have not penetrated to our rather remote part of the state.

I take great joy in driving out from the City each week, knowing about six miles from home I will cross the last remaining public covered bridge in the state, the Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge, as I enter the very small, very beautiful Rosemont Valley.

Is this what you envision when you think of New Jersey?


  1. My brother lives across the river from this part of NJ in Kintnersville. When I first visited him there, I was not expecting what I found on either side of the river, it is very beautiful. Before that my only impression of NJ was what could be seen from the turnpike heading into NYC.

  2. I was in Kintnersville a couple of weekends ago. Yes, the Pennsylvania side of the river has some spectacularly beautiful areas. The New Hope Impressionists settled there for a reason. If you don't know them, drop by the Michener Museum in Doylestown the next time you visit your brother. The museum has an intriguing garden too. Their website is at

  3. No, truthfully, since I've only ever visited the airport there, I don't really have a vision of NJ in my head. I know that it must be called to garden state for a reason, though. :-)



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