Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shirl's visit to Pensthorpe

Shirl of shirlsgardenwatch has a great post on The Millennium Garden designed by Piet Oudolf at Pensthorpe in Norfolk, England. Lots of images and, even more, a movie clip that gives those of us not fortunate enough to have actually visited a much better understanding of the scale and layout of the plantings. Click on Shirl's Oudolf photo below to link to her post.


  1. I had a memorable visit to Pensthorpe one winter morning intending to take photos of frost on the different flower heads. It was so cold my camera battery kept giving up, so I had to keep taking it out and sticking it in my trousers (pockets, I hasten to add!) between shots!
    Frost was very photogenic and the hot choc in the cafe afterwards also good!

  2. r. pete free,
    Have you considered posting some of those photos on your blog? I'm sure many of us would enjoy seeing them.

  3. les,
    Shirl has inspired me to investigate movies.

  4. Hi again James :-D

    It's great your visitors are enjoying my post :-D

    Ah... movies! Yes, these are quite different from photos when it comes to control over the final image quality. I would encourage you to try though!

    If you want any pointers please just mail me. Perhaps I should do a post on this myself as a slight guide to encourage others try and request that those that already do share tips etc in comments. I've uploaded close to 200. I've a full list of topics for the next couple of weeks but perhaps after that :-D

  5. Shirl,
    Great idea to do a post on "how to." I'd like to contact you by email, but Blogger doesn't allow me to see your email address. Can you contact me at golden [at] federaltwist [dot] com? I would certainly like to get some pointers.



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