Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn incidents

A chill is in the air. A box of bulbs was waiting at the door when I got home last night. I need to start planting them and finish fall chores. But there's still time to enjoy the changing garden scene.

This is a view into the little hollow to the east where morning mist clearly delineates the declining angle of the sunlight.

An old dogwood, teasel, and miscanthus catch the light.

Miscanthus giganteus, at about fourteen feet, against the blue sky.

Poison ivy climbing a cedar.

Large Miscanthus 'Silberfeder' with M. 'Ferner Osten' in the foreground, and M. 'Adagio' on the right.

Backlit by late afternoon sun, the wall of woods surrounding the garden lets in more light as the foliage falls.


  1. I wish I could grow dogwood.

    (I'm assuming I can't because I've never seen any round here.)


  2. Looking through the veils of plants to the veils of mist really captures the mysteriousness of nature.

  3. Lucy,

    I'm very surprised. I believe dogwoods (Cornus florida) grow in the UK. I know they prefer acid soil; if you are in an area with alkaline soil, that may be the problem.

  4. wcig,

    Mystery is a quality I'm seeking. My garden is too easily seen at a glance, especially from the elevated position of the house. By this time of year, the size and varied textures of the large perennials do help create a sense of mystery. And fog and mist also help a lot.

  5. Hi there James :-)

    What wonderful captures of light on the garden and plants. I particularly loved the first one – really magical.

    You are so right, at this time of year we really should take time out just to look and enjoy our gardens instead of only seeing all the jobs to be done. Like the sunlight in your photos the garden will quickly slip away when we are not looking. I too have bags of bulbs - sitting patiently in my shed ;-)

    In my latest posting I have taken a look back at a summer garden visit to Piet Oudolf’s garden in England if you would like to see it :-D

  6. Shirl,

    I loved the Pensthorpe post, especially the movie clip. It's really special to get a more "360" view. I posted your site on my blog, using one of your photos as the link. Let me know if you prefer I not use your photo.

  7. Hi again James :-)

    I am so glad I was able to share these images of Pensthorpe through a video - although I always wish for better upload processing quality. The video really does give a different perspective on this scale of planting doesn't it?

    Thank-you, I am most flattered that you have just posted (with links) to my Piet posting/site on your blog! I think it is a lovely touch to use one of my photos as a link - I have no problem with that at all. I might have guessed you would have chosen that photo - I would have too :-D



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