Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Progress of autumn

The leaves are falling from the trees, opening the forest to the light for the first time since early spring ...

and revealing the garden in a new space ...

like an island floating toward winter ...


  1. I love those textures, that I can only see in a few mountain canyons to my southeast, or visiting my sister in SE PA! Thanks for your fall progression tour.

  2. For my money, Fall is the best season. Lovely.

  3. David, thanks for visiting. I wonder how close your sister lives. We're just across the river from SE PA.

  4. Allan, thanks for the comment. Do you have a colorful fall in Seattle?

  5. Surprisingly, yes. I had assumed evergreens would prevail and there are many of them, but, here in Shoreline and adjacent cities, I've been delighted by the metro landscaping. There are countless varieties of "decorative" trees. I'm sorry to say we don't know the flora here yet. There are purples and golds and reds by the boatload, but they don't look like trees we knew in the South. We just enjoy!

  6. A temperate rain forest. So different. It's snowing quite heavily here today, but will warm up quickly.

  7. I deleted Rob's comment by accident, so it's posted below. I want to respond to this one.

    Rob (ourfrenchgarden) has left a new comment on your post "Progress of autumn":

    I was going to ask if your weather had picked up from the damp and dreary, bringing out the autumn colour, but its only bloody snowing!

  8. Friday was a beautiful, sunny day. I'll put up a post with the photos I took. Beautiful light and color. Then today a heavy, wet snow started. After the electric power went off (no heat or cooking without electricity, and it may be off two or three days), we evacuated, driving by to NYC. With the leaves still on many trees, the additional weight of snow has pulled down many trees. Roads are blocked. When we left, there were about six inches of snow on the ground. I hear over 500,000 people are without power now. This storm may well be more destructive than the hurricane we had in August. The damage to trees alone will be staggering.

  9. Wonderful! I just popped over from Plantalisious and I love all that I see. I am in western PA. Pleased to get to see your beautiful autumn plantings... which I think are all the more beautiful layered with the repeated evergreens.
    Looking forward to reading more!



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