Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April is the cruelest month

Yes, what a joke. This was the morning of April 1st ...


  1. James,
    Cruel, but very beautiful. I am comforted to know my gardening comrades south of me had the same joke played on them.

  2. Ugh...cruel, indeed...believe it or not, we are actually predicted to have chance of snow tomorrow and Friday...crazy year!

  3. Yes, we can relate to that here in Ottawa too -- but I agree, that is a beautifully haunting photo. The only consolation: it doesn't last. I can't wait until the last squishy puddles in the cold mud are gone and I can start working the soil. Counting the hours...

  4. Even down here we had flurries last week, but thankfully they did not stick around.

  5. I think you need some cannons, some Napoleonic soldiers blazing from out of the hornbeam, a giant bonfire.
    A garden is a stage, and there's no reason why winter should be thought of as an interminable interval.
    With your impending spring, it's time to get the actors back onto the stage...forgive me, we here don't have your blizzard-like winters...they are only wet and cold in Melbourne...I've no idea what it's like to have to wait for the ice to melt...can't wait to see what's coming up James...PS love your blog like no other.

  6. Michael,
    Yes. I saw your snow-covered garden, but you live in New Hampshire! You expect it.

  7. Scott,
    I'mcurious. Did it snow? I didn't know it ever snowes in Portland.

  8. Ailsa,
    Squishy--a very good word to describe the soil condition out there. And a puddle here and there.

  9. Ah, Faisal - a battle is a good metaphor for what might be going on in my garden (but perhaps reading Billy Martin's recent posts is influencing me to take a more combative attitude). A silent battle, perhaps, one only I know is underway. Thanks for the thought-provoking image, and the compliment (I value your opinion).

  10. When does the weather ever play ball?

    Hopefully April will turn around and this snowfall will be just a distant memory!

    Spring has sprung early here, but that can present a different set of problems for some. The vines in the vineyards are leafing out early and will blossom early too. A rogue late frost and yields could be severely affected.

  11. Daren't really discuss wot is happening here.
    Suspect this is our summer and we are then going to have the rest of winter and a cold spring for the rest of the official summer. At least you have the right order if not the right length of season!

  12. Rob,
    On Saturday, we actually had beautiful sunlight and temps in the low 60s, so spring is definitely on its way. Let's hope for no late frosts.

  13. Robert,
    Hope that doesn't mean you're having a bad spring in the UK.



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