Saturday, December 04, 2010

These fragments I have shored against my ruin

Okay, take that title with more than a bit of irony. It's a favorite quote from T.S. Eliot I use whenever I get a chance, but we're not talking about the end of the world here.

My post yesterday (Is gardening only a hobby?) elicited an interesting comment from Anne Wareham in England. Someone sent her a podcast link via Twitter, saying the podcast might change my mind about the state of gardening in the USA.

The podcast is a moving interview by Andrew Keys, in fact his inaugural podcast in a series for Horticulture magazine, with Lynn Felici-Gallant, who is leaving her garden after several years. A poignant interview, one that clearly demonstrates real gardening is alive in the good ole USA. (One point of light amid the darkness, if you'll excuse my bleak metaphor).

Andrew is a really good interviewer, and the podcast has a high production value. Click on the Radio Garden logo above to listen. For more on Andrew, check out his blog, Garden Smackdown.


  1. James--thank you for sharing this, and I love the quote.

  2. Susan -
    Memory is such a wonderful thing. I love this line, even the surrounding lines, too. Come to think of it, I do use it both seriously and self-mockingly. I think Benjamin would tell me this elitism, but I never would have come to love The Wasteland without reading all those tiny footnotes in my Norton Anthology of English Literature (dating myself). It's certainly not a poem that has immediate reader appeal, other than through it's music and images, and its mystery. Now it's become a part of me, sort of one of many "religious" texts I carry with me through life.

  3. What a fabulous interview, it really captures how creating a garden becomes so enmeshed in one's life. I've been thinking about what to take with me and how much to invest in gardening while we are still here with regard to my own tiny patch, which is my obsession and my haven. Listening to Lyn was a little like listening to my own thoughts.

  4. Yes, and I thought Andrew to be a thoughtful interviewer, with a great radio voice. I faced the same choices moving my garden six years ago. Since I moved in December, I was able to bring only a few very vigorous plants.



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