Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing to do with gardens

Hot air ballooning is very popular around here. I saw these while driving back to the city last Sunday.

Once I got onto Route 202, this one crossed the road.

I supposed I could make some connection with gardening if I really tried. But I won't.


  1. Hey, they're cool. Fun too watch. But you won't ever see me in one. I hate 6' ladders.

  2. Dear James, Well there is certainly a lot of hot air about gardening if that connection will do!!

    The patriotic stars and stripes balloons look wonderful against that oh so blue sky.

  3. I'm careful about ladders too, but I think I'd take a ride in a balloon.

  4. Dear Edith,
    I think we overdo the stars and stripes theme over here. We hear a lot of hot air about that subject too.

  5. How dare you demonstrate interest in something other than gardening, James Golden...Tsk tsk - for shame.

    Hey, do you think the insane flag etiquette applies to flag-infected hot air balloons as well? Are these people morally obligated to put a spotlight on their patriotic balloon if they're flying a night flight? Is the fabric allowed to touch the ground without some sort of brainwashed/orthodox reprimand? God forbid.

  6. I've always wanted to go to the balloon festival in Albuquerque--it seems so, well, _festive_.

    Every once in awhile a hot air ballon will randomly float over our neighborhood here in LBB. I've always wondered who it belonged to.

  7. Peter, mea culpa, mea culpa. I strayed from the straight (forgive the expression!) path, and wander in a dark wood of hot air balloons. Yes, all that cynical, hypocritical blather about rights to burn the flag years ago, but this kind of thing isn't a problem for anyone. Well, so goes the commoditization of all things meaningful and spiritual. I'm sure the Tea Party folks (or should I say neo-Nazis? Think of Sarah Palin as a spruced up, slightly updated, female version of Adolph Hilter.) would approve. They're experts in the use of hot air.

    Oops! Still not on the subject of gardening. But perhaps I am.

  8. Susan, when we lived in Rosemont, four miles away, a hot air balloon once landed near us, managed to get airborne again, then passed over my garden at a height of about 30 feet, the gondola, with four people, actually dragging through the top of one of my oaks. A close call, but they made it to a safe landing area. That was quite a bit of drama. And the sound of the flame mechanism up close was like a freight train, or a dragon!

  9. We see a lot of balloons here because we have a balloon fiesta and so on. So guess I have seen enough! But I loved the first shot where they really looked a bit UFO-ish and soft focus.
    Useful comment about no link to gardening - it takes more than one subject however huge and passionate to define us as people. Loved Edith's comment re hot air in hort! That is true for sure.
    Best Wishes

  10. Robert, Yes, Edith is right. Lots of hot air all around us, in and out of the horticultural world.



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