Sunday, July 04, 2010

A talk with Beth Chatto

I'm late mentioning two new podcasts from Gardens Illustrated. I found myself in my own pond in waders this weekend, so I picked this photo as appropriate to the time.

In these two podcasts, Beth Chatto, the English model for gardeners devoted to using the right plant in the right place, to learning about where a plant originates, how it lives in community with other plants, and how to put that knowledge to use in the garden, talks with Alan Titchmarsh in a diverting conversation of a little over an hour. She describes the beginning of her interest in gardening through her husband's obsession with the origins of plants, and how her garden and nursery developed as an outgrowth of that passion. Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2. You can download copies of the podcasts by right clicking on the links and selecting Save link as from the list (if you're on a PC). Or simply go to the Gardens Illustrated website.


  1. I am happy to see that you too discovered these wonderful gems via Gardens Illustrated. I have added them to the sidebar of my blog. The sheer knowledge and passion that she brings to her conversations [lectures] is simply amazing. Have you ever been to her gardens/nursery?

  2. Barry,
    I'm a podcast fiend. I drive back and forth from the city (where I work during the week) to the country (where I garden) every week, about 72 miles each way, not a long distance, but the Holland Tunnel makes it a long time! I use that time to listen to podcasts, and the GI podcasts, particularly the Vista lectures, are the best.

  3. Yikes 'vista' may be back but mine from early 2008 is nowhere to be seen..........................................

  4. But I have it on my computer. I do wonder why your bit of history was amended into non-existence.

  5. G.I. is the home counties gazette..I was quite surprised they bothered to record me anyway..The whole excercise cost me money and the hosts did not have the good grace to even buy me a pint and a bacon sanger..Unlike my North American hosts who know what 'hospitality' is about. 3 yawns for the U.K.s cosy culture.




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