Sunday, April 18, 2010


Caught a glimpse of the Great Blue Heron today. I assume there are several since sightings are rather frequent in the heavily wooded haunts of the Lockatong Creek valley. Stopped on the bridge just as the heron sighted me and took off ...

... rising from the creek bed, with wings on the down stroke.

The heron alighted quickly on a dead tree to wait for my departure. (The creek is full of trout, released by the state each spring.)

It looks small, too small, considering its six-foot wing span.


  1. Phenomenal picture! We live in Kingwood so I am excited to follow your blog! Thanks.

  2. Dirt Digger,
    Don't know if you can tell, but I live in Kingwood too, obviously on Federal Twist Road. Are you nearby?

  3. I could handle a bit of trout fishing there. Me versus the heron, rivercraft.

  4. Rob,
    You can have your share. If you're into spectacular white water, come after a storm.

  5. This is one of our more common large shore birds here, but I understand they go anywhere water and fish are present. I love how they bitch at you when they are disturbed.

  6. I had assumed we have a local, indigenous population here in the woods, mainly attracted by fairly large streams that flow all year. Interesting to think they may share space at the Jersey shore. Maybe someone who knows their habits will tell me more about this. I've never heard the bitching. They just fly silently away.



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