Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vista Lecture Series: Eelco Hooftman of GROSS.MAX

As part of the continuing Vista lecture series in London, Gardens Illustrated has released the podcast of Eelco Hooftman's discussion of the recent work of GROSS.MAX, a cutting edge landscape design practice located in Edinburgh. Not only does Eelco talk fast, he has a heavy Dutch accent, so I recommend you give this podcast at least two hearings. It's full of creative insights and approaches to the urban landscape, yet grounded in a centuries old landscape tradition. One of the practice's newest projects, and a high profile one at that, is their work at The Royal Botanic Garden, Kew. Tim Richardson's exchange with Eelco at the end is particularly lively.

Am I the only person crazy enough, or interested enough, to listen to a podcast multiple times? Give it a try. You may like it. To play the podcast, click here. To download it, right click instead and Save Link As.


  1. James,
    Thanks for the idea of listening to this podcast. Great way to spend a frigid winter morning. I saw Dan Pearson in Boston last week. It was a very inspiring lecture.

  2. I really enjoyed that lecture: even better with pictures.
    He was also wearing most remarkable shoes.

  3. Michael,
    Glad to make acquaintance with your blog. Dan's a great speaaker and talker. It's that voice.

  4. James A-S,
    It would have been helpful to see the pictures. The podcast leaves a lot to the imagination. And I've never been to Kew. So tell me about his shoes!

  5. James G,
    Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I am from Philadelphia area orinially. I really like reading your blog. Would love to see your garden next time I travel south.

    James A-S,
    Were you at the Trinity Church lecture? I missed the shoes! I really loved his memories of Miss Joy's Akebia quinata vine escaping into her old house.

  6. Michael,
    You're welcome to visit. Let me know when you head south. We're only about 45 miles from downtown Philly.

  7. James A-S,
    Confusion reigns. Thought you were referring to Eelco's shoes, not Mr. Pearson's. I heard him in NYC at the Grolier Club (where I did see the pictures and heard the story of Miss Joy's garden). The room was small and intimate, but I didn't get a look at his shoes.

  8. I'm so glad you did this post- I was just trying to re-find these podcasts and couldn't remember what the lecture series was called. The few that I listened to were great and I was trying to find the site again for a repeat listen. Thanks!

  9. Thankyou for pointing out Eelco Hooftman's Vista lecture James. I found it invigorating. PS Love your new gravel paths.

  10. Garden Wanderer,
    Glad I could lead you back to the Vista podcases.

  11. Mount Wren,
    I forgot you know Billy Martin. He said he was closing Wigandia last October. Did he really do it? I look forward to seeing your garden. I have an extra digital camera, and would sent it to you, but I fear it would violate some customs or trade laws.

  12. Yes he did close it and then opened it again..I suppose having 5 entrance gates forced his hand.....
    wm au



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