Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit to the High Line

Judy, a friend, visited the Highline today. Here are her photos on Picasa. Be sure to choose the slide show option at the upper left.


  1. No one appears to have noticed Oudolf's plantings in these photographs. It looks a bit too much like everyday scrub to the city-distracted average Joe, perhaps. It's bit young yet, though...

  2. I don't think most people notice plants. Oh, when the plants are really big, some people feel intimidated, or if a plant is a spectacle, it may be noticed. Maybe they will be in the future after the newness of the elevated environment wears off and the plantings grow in. You're right though; the plantings are incidental to all the strolling, handstands, sunning, and chatter of the folks on a sunny day. It's a lively scene.

  3. Hi James, just found your blog, love it! Love to see your garden sometime...Brian

  4. Brian, if you ever come to the northeast, youre welcome to come visit.



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