Monday, December 22, 2008

Garden Diary: Curves

Snow on Friday followed by all day freezing rain flattened most of the garden. Too bad so early in the winter.

But there's a positive result. This gives me a better idea of structure - what there is, what might be. The formerly short stone wall was extended far to the right in early fall. Only now, with the grasses and perennials buried beneath layers of ice, do I see the complementary curve of the pond, whose curve is held within the opposite curve of the stone wall.

Food for thought... one hand held within another, child in womb, the protection of the cave, a seed within the earth... Now I can see other opportunities for shaping the raised stone planting area - at the left end of the pond - I posted on last Wednesday. Perhaps something curved, not a rigid trapezoid, that evokes symbols linked to this place.


  1. I went back and looked at your other posts. You have a nice area for a garden. I like your stone wall.

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