Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thinking about Gardens

What I want for Christmas. Garden bloggers who are tired of posting pictures of blooming flowers (unless they do it to make a point or communicate useful information), blogs that tell us about your part of the world (preferably with pictures), nurseries that ALWAYS provide information on a plant's natural habitat and the conditions under which it is likely to thrive, blog posts that address whole gardens or large parts of gardens rather than one or two isolated features or plants, garden magazines concerned with big picture concepts rather than strictly edited "how to" articles (such as Fine Gardening), a less utilitarian gardening culture, people who read and think about garden design, the experience of being in a garden, the reasons for gardening. More thought and less sentimentality.


  1. What an incredible wish list. Were you very good this year?
    Keep looking, what you wish for exists and is growing.In the mean time, as is often said "keep being the change you seek".
    Habitat information on tags is an excellent idea. Seems all plants sold will do well in friable, well drained, average moist garden soil. At least according to nursery labels.

  2. Gloria,
    I've been bad, quite grouchy over the past few days. My friends and co-workers have confirmed this to me. I may not get my wishes.

  3. Its always wise to ask for more than you think is possible, and then be grateful for what you get.

  4. Be careful what you ask for:
    You may not want it when you get it ;-)



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