Sunday, September 28, 2008

Garden Diary: Change

Two images, one in June, one late September. A sunny morning, a foggy morning. A three-foot shift in point of view.


  1. Both images conjure Romanticism. To walk there must evoke poetry. It is truly beautiful June or September.

  2. I love the form of that tree on the right. The way those branches curve subtly--they truly meander like a small stream. But I've always loved the silhouette of trees and the juxtaposition of dark boney limbs and lush undulating green. And then it frames that doorway in the distance, those two shorter conifers that seem, to me, like hand parting, or limbs, pillars taht frame a primal entrance. But I ramble.

  3. wcig,

    I like that word "conjure."
    Sets me to thinking.

  4. Benjamin,

    Doorway, hands, pillars - I like the metaphors. I've worked hard to open up this view, and your suggestive imagination and language are helpful.



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