Friday, May 23, 2008

Garden Diary: Rain, sun, the rising tide

After a week of cold and rain, the weather is shifting and we have a sunny windy day. The light comes in two ways - reflected, glinting off the flat surfaces of leaves, and filtered through the forest trees. This morning it's easy to see how medieval artisans "got" stained glass windows. (I tried to take a picture but my camera isn't up to recording qualities of morning light, thus these substitute photos.)

The last sparkles of the Brunnera are being over taken by feverfew above. The plants are swelling like a rising tide, much too fast, and many will flop if not restrained, cut back, or slowed by a dry spell. Time to get out the shears and prune the feverfew, cat mint and other smaller (should be) plants that will have time to thicken up and bloom later, in June.

The new Darmera peltata by the pond are liking the wet. I hope to transform this muddy edge with an herbal necklace before midsummer. By next year, I hope the pond will be a like a brown oculus reflecting the surrounding plants (think different heights and structures) and the sky. Well... perhaps oculus isn't the right word for my brown pond. We'll see.


  1. Two native NJ plants that work in my wet areas are jack-in-the-pulpit and primrose.

  2. Good idea. I have jack-in-the-pulpit all over the place. I can move a couple to the water's edge or plant some of the seed this fall. I'm not familiar with the native primrose. Can you lead me to information on that?



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