Sunday, March 02, 2008

Vista Lecture Series Podcasts from Gardens Illustrated: William Martin

Gardens Illustrated has published the second podcast in the Vista lecture series. This kind of thinking about gardening isn't happening anywhere I know of in the US. (If I'm wrong, please let me know.) For any of you with an interest in gardening that goes beyond the "how to" or Japanese beetle control, please listen to this lecture series - and read the book of essays edited by Tim Richardson and Noel Kingsbury, Vista: The Culture and Politics of Gardens. It's available for a shamefully low price on I quote from the GI website:

"Considered something of an agent provocateur in the horticultural world, William Martin describes himself as 'an artist whose ideas find their best expression in the garden'. In his talk he considers the complex relationships between landscape, environment, culture and society as revealed in his own garden Wigandia in southern Australia. Find out more details of William Martin’s work at"

GI's description has tamed Mr. Martin, I'm afraid. He's an iconoclastic, provocative, sometimes insulting, personality, with much to say. To listen to the podcast, click this link.

To download it, go directly to the GI website.


  1. Ach..I have encountered your blog before..good stuff!
    I am yet to listen to the G.I. podcast..I was suffering terrible jetlag and a 20 min talk became a 40 min talk..never have I talked so slowly!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Billy Martin

  2. Thank god you talked slowly. I had to listen to the podcast three times to get it all. Loved it. (But you certainly were tough on Christopher Lloyd.)

  3. Thanks James..the talk was edited and I ain't checked as to what was snatched!! Old Lloyd was placed on much too high a pedestal..I did admire his wit and enthusiasm but goodness me I don't think he was half as creative as all his minions would have it..and so too himself!! But horses for courses..his contribution was considerable..but not for this brown duck!

    Martin of the overthrow.

  4. and P.S.
    I wish facts could be checked afore stuff is published.. G.I. got it wrong now so too you!
    Australian author Mr Trevor Nottle coined this "William Martin describes himself as 'an artist whose ideas find their best expression in the garden'. " NOT me!!



  5. Ones podcast is now gone from the archives..perhaps treading on old Lloyd's memory killed the cat. G.I. often resembles a catalogue for 'Great Dixter' !!



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