Sunday, July 09, 2006

Am I giving up?

When I started making a garden on Federal Twist Road I understood the limits of the site: wet, heavy clay, thick juniper cover, no view, no space, no sky. And deer.

I'm working through these constraints and, I'm sure, if I continued to search out and test deer-proof plants I could eventually develop a satisfying garden. Ornamental grasses are safe. And 18 months of experience tells me two plants - Asclepias incarnata and Rudbeckia maxima - are keepers. I think Verbena hastata and Pycnanthemum muticum will pass the test. But almost everything else I have tried - including several new willows - have been damaged to various degrees.

I'm ready to give up on living with the deer. I want to grow plants deer eat, and I finally realize the compromises are too dear (sorry!).

I've discussed a deer exclusion with Phil, and he agrees. We probably need over 1,000 linear feet of fencing, and it must be as unobtrusive as possible. And affordable. Now to get some estimates.


  1. Hey Jim! Love your site! How are you? I shout your name every time I run or bike past your house, but to no response. So how are you liking it up here on the hill?

    Hope you and yours are well.


    Buzz Woods

  2. We love it. I'm working on a new garden behind the house, but I expect it to take two or three years to get it into shape.

    Stop by on one of your passes and say hello.

    Jim Golden



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