Thursday, January 05, 2006

Heronswood Nursery's New Catalogue

The new Heronswood catalogue came in today's mail. Glossy paper. Lots of color photos. Accurate, informative, descriptive text. All good in the usual nursery catalogue. But the sense of relationship with a unique person is gone, replaced by the anonymous voice of commerce. I'll miss Dan Hinkley's (or his helpers') wry, humorous stories of plant exploration in far-off parts of the world. The old catalogue left a lot to the reader's imagination. Browsing through it was a joy and a mystery. I'll miss that experience. It was a part of gardening for me.

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  1. As an East Coast person, I'm happy that Heronswood moved

    out this way. It's allowed for me to go to the East Coast

    opens now. The last one was very good. Nice article here

    talks about the last one. Picked up some nice hellebores.,0,2361228.story

    Future Opens



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